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Simard Solutions can help identify your current modes of marketing, and assess whether they’re reaching your target audience or not.

  • Are you offering what your customers are looking for?
  • Are your products and services optimized for online search?
  • Do you have a website that converts searchers into buyers?
  • Where are the abandonment points in your customer journey?
  • Do you have a strong follow-through with your customer engagements?

These are all starting questions that we’ll bring to the table. In short, we offer tailored solutions that help you market quickly and accurately, understand effectiveness, and make continual improvements.

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Process and workflow are essential to successful business. There should be a clearly defined workflow for fulfillment of products and services.

  • What decisions should your customers make before contacting your business?
  • What tools are you currently using to achieve your fulfillment goals?
  • If you have teams or departments, are they communicating effectively between each other?
  • Do you have traceable records of work for creating reports?

Having the right tools for business can make a huge difference in maintaining quality and consistency throughout your customer engagements. We specialize in identifying the right tools for the job, and creating trainable process upon which continual improvements can be made.

Create workflows

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Branding is more than just your logo. It’s the consistency and style by which you present your business and its properties. When your audience sees consistency, it builds trust.

  • Does your brand mark resonate with your audience?
  • Does your business present consistency wherever it is found?
  • How does your content reinforce your organization’s values?
  • Are you presenting not just as a product or service, but as a great place to work?

Achieving branding consistency sets first-hand impressions that can last throughout your customer journey. Doing it well reduces the need for customer touch points, and having to build trust after receiving an opportunity.

Build trust